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NOTE: When former Vice Principal Mrs S Yuen passed away in Australia in 2001, a message forum was opened in this web site for past students and friends to write messages and to pay tribute to her. Because of problems of the host, new entries can no longer be accepted on line. We have bundled all old messages into this file. Please browse them. Anyone who still wants to add a message to the bundle, is very welcome to email it to me, and I can add your entry manually.

From: Felix Ching
Location: San Francisco
Date: 05/4/01 at 09:37:45 PM [EST]
Mrs. Yuen passed away in Australia (Msg also posted in Update # 33)  

We are extremely sad to break this shocking news to all CCSC alumni:
Mrs Yuen Ng Siu Man, former Vice Principal until 1991, passed away in the morning of May 3, 2001 in Perth, Australia.
According to some teachers, Mrs Yuen had been brave and yet cheerful in fighting with cancer. She still had tea with her family and relatives last Friday (April 27) but began to feel not well. She was hospitalized on Monday. On Thursday May 3 at 9 AM she peacefully left us.
All those years at Cheung Chuk Shan College, she was revered in her professional, personal and social worlds, and was loved and admired for her outstanding interpersonal skills, her endless energy, abundant sense of humor, sweet disposition and gentle manner. Her life-long devotion to her students will certainly be remembered fondly by all who have had the privilege of knowing her.
May she rest in peace.
(Written by F. Ching)


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From: Felix Ching
Location: San Francisco
Date: 05/5/01 at 04:54:15 PM [EST]

I would like to extend my condolence to Mr Yuen Hey and the two children. Hope memories of her will bring them comfort.

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From: Agnes Wong (Au Fung Yee Agnes)
Class: F7 1976
Location: Vancouver
Date: 5/4/01 at 10:35 PM [EST]

Mrs. Yuen is one of the teachers whom I adore and love. I miss her very much and feel shocked to learn about her passing away.


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From: Bismarck Kam
Class: (Form 5 1980)
Location: Hong Kong
Date: 05/7/01 at 11:21:18 PM [EST]

My condolence to her family and friends. May she rest in eternal peace.


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From: Siu C K
Location: HK
Date: 5/6/01 at 8:50AM [EST]  

My condolences! Her memory will be held in the highest regard.

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From: Hannah Chi
Class: F5 1991
Location: Toronto, Canada
Date: 5/6/01 at 8:50AM [EST]

It's a very sad news! My condolence to her family.

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From: Lau Kam Chuen / Rita Chu
Class: 1976
Location: Hong Kong
Date: 05/8/01 at 07:51:21 AM [EST]

She is our respected teacher and we miss her always.


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From: Sophia Liu
Class: Form 4 1990
Location: Toronto, Canada
Date: 05/8/01 at 12:49:38 PM [EST]


My deepest sympathy for the family
It's sad to hear you go, Mrs Yuen. Your smile and gentleness will always be on my mind.

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From: Joseph Yuen
Location: Hong Kong
Date: 05/9/01 at 07:00:49 AM [EST]

My Memories of Mrs. S. Yuen
I was astonished and felt very sad to hear that Mrs. S. Yuen passed away in Australia in May. I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest condolences to her family.
Having been a colleague with her since September 1977, Mrs. Yuen was found to be an excellent Vice-Principal to work with. She was a strong person abiding by her principles. Twinkling of fairness had often sparkled through her eyes. As a young fellow at that time, Mrs. Yuen explained the school policies and regulations patiently and in great detail when asked. I am deeply indebted to her for her guidance on the essential principles of her beliefs. Yet she looked to be stern to the students, she always wore a smile on her face. With her devotion to Cheung Chuk Shan College, she worked with zeal and always gave her best wholeheartedly to everyone around. How can we forget such an amiable lady - an old friend of mine!
May Mrs. Yuen rest in peace!


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From: Wong Chi Fai Derek
Class: Form 7 1986
Location: Hong KOng
Date: 5/6/01 at 6:30PM [EST]

It is really bad news.
I did not know Mrs YUEN had moved to Australia.
I believe she had good time before she passed away.
My condolences.

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From: Simon Do
Class: F7 1991
Location: Hong Kong
Date: 5/6/01 at 8:57PM [EST]

Really sorry to hear this news.
Mrs Yuen was my geography teacher in my F.4 and F.5 grades. She had been a great teacher and vice-principal.


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From: Tse Tin Sing
Class: F7 1979
Location: San Francisco
Date: Mon, 7 May 2001 07:56:30 [EST]

... I share with each and everyone of you the sorrow of losing our much respected and beloved Mrs. Yuen.


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From: LEE Pak-leung
Location: Hong Kong
Date: Sunday, May 06, 2001 8:21 AM [EST]

Sorry to hear the sad news.
Have my regards to Mrs Yuen's family.
Peter, Mary & Kin-hang

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From: Raymond Li
Class: 7A/1992
Location: HK
Date: May 16, 2001 at 01:36 [EST]

It is shocking and sad to hear this news. Mrs. Yuen had not taught me in class actually, but her enthusiasm, fairness and dedication have impressed me and all of us who were under her guidance as a Vice Principal. We shall all remember her as an important figure during our school days.
May she rest in peace.

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From: Hak Fei Poon
Class: 7A/93
Location: Princeton/NJ
Date: May 18, 2001 at 17:13 [EST]

Mrs Yuen is one of the most adorable teachers. She taught me geography in F4 and we miss her when she had to leave us in F5. We enjoyed her lectures.
It's really sad to hear the news... My condolence to her family!

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From: Aileer Cheng
Class: 5a/94
Location: Kenya
Date: May 19, 2001 at 02:27 [EST]

Though Mrs. Yuen is not with us any more, what's important is her goods will always be in our memory.

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From: Herman Fung Wan Yeung
Class: F.7A/1992
Location: Hong Kong
Date: May 29, 2001 at 04:34 [EST]

I was shocked to hear the news that Mrs. Yuen had left us. No teacher in CCSC is like Mrs. Yuen. In students' hearts she is unique. And she is still inside students' hearts.

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From: Kei, Shun Yau
Class: F.7/1992
Location: San Jose, US
Date: May 31, 2001 at 14:31 [EST]

I am shocked and saddened by the news of Mrs. Yuen. She was an excellent teacher and mentor by all standards. She was one of the few who do not only teach but actually care. Her authority as our Vice Principal was always balanced with her passion to students. She will be dearly remembered by all of us.

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From: Tang Kam Kee
Class: F7 / 83
Location: Hong Kong
Date: Jun 4, 2001 at 02:11 [EST]

Today is the first time I visit the web site and heard this terrible news. Please accept my condolence for the lost of a mentor of a lifetime. I think we would all agree that her cheerful and bright smile is still deeply imprinted in our heart.
KK Tang

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From: PANG Tak-chiu
Class: 5A/1988
Location: HK
Date: Jul 21, 2001 at 20:48 [EST]

I miss you...

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From: Thomas Yu
Class: Form 5A (1988)
Location: Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Date: Jul 22, 2001 at 09:29 [EST]

Mrs. Yuen was one of my favourite teachers at College. She was always patient, calm and steady which demonstrated a role model to me.
May Lord be with her family. With my deepest sympathy, may I wish her family members have peace in heart.

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Class: 83-89
Location: Hong Kong
Date: Jul 22, 2001 at 11:42 [EST]

I never actually had her as my class teacher but I always felt that Mrs. Yuen was a very kind and nice teacher and vice principal.
I cannot believe she passed away so young. I guess everyone needs to live everyday to its fullest as we don't know how long we live.

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From: Ila Fong
Class: 1990
Location: Hong Kong
Date: Jul 22, 2001 at 21:20 [EST]

Mrs Yuen will be in my memory forever.
May god bless her friends, relatives and family.

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From: Alfred Ho Tat-kei
Class: F.6/ 1987
Location: Ames, Iowa, U.S.A.
Date: Jul 22, 2001 at 23:02 [EST]

I am so shocked to hear from an old friend that Mrs. Yuen passed away in Australia. I hope my condolence will reach her family.
Mrs. Yuen was surely one of the best teachers in Cheung Chuk Shan College. She was my geography teacher in CCSC. I still remember her well-organized lessons and clear explanation of different concepts. Even now, some of the geographical terms she taught me are still in my mind!
When I was in F. 6, I was the head prefect. Hence, I worked closely with her for a year. She was always gentle and kind, even though she was responsible for a lot of disciplinary actions in school. I never saw her speak loudly before anyone. And during the school days, she never acted in any way to show off her authority as the vice-principal. Yet she was well respected by all students. She showed clearly how respect can be gained by reason, gentleness, and care, rather than by might and power.
Mrs. Yuen would be missed by many of us as a caring and effective teacher. Even though she is no longer with us, her impact on us will still be long-lasting.
Alfred Tat-Kei Ho
Ames, Iowa, U.S.A.

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From: Julia Fung
Class: 5E/1988
Location: Milpitas, California, US
Date: Jul 23, 2001 at 19:32 [EST]

I was a transfer student during my 2nd academic year in high school. I still remembered Mrs Yuen would come and greet me with encouragement on the first day at Cheung Chuk Shan. She's a very nice and excellent teacher. Every year, our students benefited a lot from her enthusiastic teaching of Geography. I do miss her a lot!

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From: Grace Fung
Class: 5C 1983
Location: Hong Kong
Date: Jul 24, 2001 at 00:11 [EST]

The first thing that appeared on my mind, after reading the news from my mail, was a scene when Mrs Yuen was teaching us Geography. She did not joke much during class yet did not bore us. She had the kind of charm that made you concentrate. After we have now grown up - I realise that our feeling towards her is called "respect".
Here, I want to say goodbye to her and want to thank her for making our years in school more meaningful. She always wanted every one of us to be a responsible person and I believe that all of us are.

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From: Andrew Nga Tak Wong
Class: 5A 1973
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Date: Thu, 03 Oct 2002 18:32:57 -0700 [EST]

Please forgive me for geting this news so late for I just received this web page to-day. I was shocked to hear that Mrs. Yuen left us so soon.
She was my former class mistress when I was in F3A,she was still Miss Ng then ,she got married the next year and we started calling her Mrs. Yuen.In my memory Mrs. Yuen was a very warm person ,easy to talk to ,always wears a smile on her face. We all loved her so much.Its a loss to all of us.
May God's peace be with her and her family.
Wong Nga Tak (Andrew)

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From: Yuen Ka Chun, Brian
Class: F.1C, 1989-1990
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2003 04:01:19 -0300

I know this is very late but I just discover your site.
I like to pay my tribute to Mrs. S. Yuen by recalling my one brief encounter with her. Like most F.1 students, I had little to do with the school office and had little contact with the principal or the vice principal. But I was fortunate enough to be chosen to recieve prizes for the best Chinese and English compositions, which consisted of three Chinese books and a stamping kit. During a school assembly, I was called upon to the stage by Mrs. Yuen to recieve the prizes from her. I can still remember her mispronouncing my name in Chinese because it was written in English. I cannot remember what she said to me on stage but to this date the books and the stamping kit remain as some of my most treasured items from the past.
We will miss you Mrs. Yuen.
Brian Ka Chun Yuen
Ph.D. Student
Department of Civil Engineering
Dalhousie University
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


From: Andy Ho Yiu-Ming
Class: F.5, 1975
Location: Hong Kong
Date: Nov 3, 2006

Dear Mr. Ching,
How are you? I have just found out your website. We havent met since I went to Melbourne to further my study in early 1976. I wonder if you still remember me. I was in the same class with C Hau Tim and Ivy Cheng.
Mrs. Yuen who taught me Geography in Form One is a great teacher well respected by all students who know her. Although she has departed us for over 5 years, she is still always in our minds today.
In 2001, I posted a Christmas card to Mrs. Yuen to see how she was, as I was told by Ms. Mak that she was sick in Perth. In return, Mr. Yuen sent me a Christmas card telling me the bad news. I would like to share what Mr. Yuen wrote on the card here.

Dear Andy,
Thank you for your Christmas card and your hearty concerns about Sylvia. However I must tell you that Sylvia has passed away early May this year. She was a loving wife, a great mum, a devoted teacher and a true Christian and we are sure that she is in heaven in the hand of God. Tung, our elder daughter, is now working in Royal Perth Hospital as an intern and Shun, our younger son, will also start serving at the Fremantle Hospital next year on 1.9.2002.
Thank you again!
Hee (Sylvias husband)

Best Regards,
Andy Ho

From: Mak Kwok Yip Raymond
Class: F.5, 1980
Location: Sydney, Australia
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2008 08:24:33 +1100

Hello Ching Sir,
I left CCSC in 1980 at F.5 class B, a Science class, and so naturally I am one of your students! I migrated to Sydney in 1995 till now.
Old names brought back old memories. I am really grateful someone like you is running an alumni website, especially for those of us who live overseas.
I am both shocked and saddend to learn about Mrs Yuen's death in 2001. I remember her as one of my favourite teachers. I was so lucky to get an 'A' in Geography in the School Cert Exam in 1980 - thanks to Mrs Yuen's guidance. May she rest in peace.
Raymond Mak

From: Wong Po Yuk
Class: F5 1973
Location: Hong Kong
Date: Thu 7/31/08 8:10 PM

Dear Ching Sir,
I am an alumnus of CCSC of 1973. Recently I know that Mrs Yuen passed away in 2001. She is the most respectable teacher I have ever met. Can I write something to be posted in the link?
Thank you and best regards
Po Yuk
Her classmate Wong Yan How ( ) writes:

From: Wong Yan How ( )
Class: F5 1973
Location: Hong Kong
Date: Tue 8/05/08 12:51 AM
Dear Mrs Yuen

I am devastated to hear the sad news that you passed away in 2001. The most heart-trenching thing is that I have only received the news 7 years later and I am unable to pay my tribute to you timely. May I and along with my beloved family wish you rest in peace and our belated consolation to Mr. Yuen and Family.
Mrs. Yuen, you were my Geography Teacher since I was in Form 2 back in 1969. It was you took me into the wonderful world of Geography. It was you who encouraged this little Form 2 boy to set up the Geography Club and the first Geography Quiz in Cheung Chuk Shan College. It was the geography knowledge that you shared with us which eventually made me to break the rank in the Hong Kong Polytechnic to be the first Form 5 Graduate to be enrolled in the Higher Diploma in Surveying. This boy here with a geography enthusiastic heart was hoping to become a Land Surveyor which was a pretty close choice in the very limited environment in 1973 Hong Kong. I graduated in Building Surveying and am a Maintenance Surveyor as my career. You might not have anticipated that your teaching flair would have such an impact to the life orbit to this boy here, but I want to tell you with my most sincere gratitude for everything you have led me to.
You were my Class Tutor for 4A and 5A. You elected me as Head Boy of the Class. I still remember the shy I had when I was told to go to Classes C & D to borrow books from the girls as too many and too often our boys had forgotten to bring along their text books. It was you through giving me that job made this little boy to become a man and understood what it meant as responsibilities. Starting from there and with the entrustment from the boys and girls, we took part in the development of the Red/Yellow/Blue/Green Houses, organized the Alumni Book for the Class 1973, the Graduation Dinner, the BBQs, the hiking trips, those memorable gathering for the years afterKK. and then gradually fading away in the distant memory.
On that drenching stormy morning in summer 1973, you came to Wanchai to give this young man the handwritten recommendation letter for him to attend the interview in Queens College because you perceived that this young man, though got the good results for Science Class, would be better polished in Art Class with particular reference to Economic Studies. I did not let you down. QC did take me but only for financial reasons that I could not afford the luxury to be a full-time student. On that tram in that water-logged morning outside Queens College was the last time I was with you in person. You knew it well then, that after the twists and turns, this young man opted to choose building surveying course in the Polytechnic. But, perhaps, one thing you did not know was that he took your advice to the limit and attempted successfully the GCE A-Level Examination on Economic Studies which being part of his membership qualification as a Chartered Surveyor. It was then I realized the benefits of Pure Economics worked for ones thinking methodology.
Over the years, I have taken everything for granted and see no obstacle that is insurmountable. I have let go too many opportunities to treasure and to admire the kindliness, encouragement, care people offered me. I rush and squash everything in front of me, and think that the next opportunity to express my gratitude towards the endeared ones will come at my desire. . . Suddenly, it came the down turn of my health which tortured me for the past 7 years, then I realized the privileges I had enjoyed and I started to learn how to live humbly. But so many chances had already slipped through and could not be re-tracked.
Goodbye, Mrs. Yuen, You are always in my heart.
June 2008

Wong Yan How
Class 1973



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