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Got CCSC-related photos for this album?   Send to us.
Photos such as:
  • Recent snaps of alumni, students & teachers
  • Alumni who visited you from far away
  • Local alumni gatherings, formal or informal
  • Alma Mater - ceremonies, sports day, picnics . . .
  • Old, archival pictures from your collection
    BUT... Please NO Class Photos, because all class photos look alike and too many of them will make the album appear rather monotonous
  • Current pictures of yourself, your family that you like to share with us
Original and unusual photos are encouraged. Be creative !
Pictures should preferably be in JPG format with a short annotation of the names and class/year of people in the picture, and if possible, a brief story and the date when photo was taken.
Thanks to all who contributed pictures !
Felix Ching      

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