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latest tidings from alumni & alma mater
updates done on a semi-regular basis
since september 1998


Mr. Wat's Blog
family album
photos of school, teachers and alumni
dating from the 1970's to present

mrs s yuen remembered

collection of messages written on web site
in memory of the late former vice principal

  view entries in old guest book
you may find your long-lost buddy
from previous entries in the guest book


  school song
can you sing the school song? sheet music, midi,
and lyrics are here if you need them


  web links
official ccsc web sites, alumni contacts, and
homepages of alumni, teachers, and current students


  alumni list
list of alumni visitors to this web site who
provided their e-mail contact


  about me
ever met me at ccsc? i taught biology
and chemistry classes from 1973 to 1991


  i appreciate your e-mail
no matter where you are, please write
about your comments, suggestions
.....or just a hello



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